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    If you are interested in more climbing... another documentary came out last year called "The Dawn Wall" which chronicles Tommy Caldwell (the guy who does a good deal of climbing w/ Alex in Free Solo) attempt to scale a different route on El Cap. The route is significantly more difficult than the route Alex free solo'ed and was never climbed before. They use ropes so there's not quite the sense of impending doom but the climb takes days instead of hours. It also details Tommy's brush with death early in his climbing career (which is a wild story).

    My wife liked it more than Free Solo but I would say it wasn't quite as good. The cinematography was not as well done and there was something about the fact that Alex was climbing with no ropes that had me on the edge of my seat. Still... I would recommend it for sure. It's available on Netflix.

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    The endurance it takes to do that is incredible. I did no research before I watched it.i assumed it wasn't going to end be honest after he reached the top and stands on that grade of slope.
    I dont think I could muster up the courage to do that. Impressive.

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    Some of my earliest camping memories are of taking night walks in the meadows of Yosemite Valley and seeing the little spots of light from climbers sleeping overnight on the wall of El Capitan. In Free Solo, Alex talks about a similar experience and knowing then that he wanted to do that and be there. That was not my reaction. At all.

    Years later, I hiked the traditional route up Half Dome from the valley floor. Just I got to the top of the cables and inched my way close to the edge to take in the valley views, two French dudes clambered over the lip after scaling the sheer face (w/ ropes).

    I have enormous appreciation for what these people do but do. not. understand. the urge. God bless though...

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    Jimmy Chin is a Carleton alum. The doc "Valley Uprising" on Netflix is also very good. Honnold shows up midway through as the new kid on the block.

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