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There are TWO films worse than After Earth? Two?? Really?

I mean, in the entire history of cinema; there CANNOT be two films worse than After Earth.
Have you seen "The Happening"?!?!?! It is 18 different ways of awful. In fact, it is so bad, I almost enjoyed laughing at how ridiculous it was.

Here are the RT, Flixter, and IMDB ratings of the worst of the Shyamalan catalog... hard to say which is objectively worse.

After Earth - 11% RT :: 36% Flixter :: 4.8 IMDB
The Happening - 18% RT :: 24% Flix :: 5.0 IMDB
Lady in the Water - 25% RT :: 49% Flix :: 5.6 IMDB
The Last Airbender - 5% RT :: 30% Flix :: 4.1 IMDB