It's the off-season and this is the off-topic forum, so I guess anything is fair game, right?

I hear a lot of people complain about the word "moist." It's surprising to me how many people I've heard say they dislike the word. I don't mind it at all. "Damp" is worse, to me.

Words I really dislike? "Behoove." I've always hated this word. When I was a teenager, people were also telling me, "It would behoove you to 'your advice here'." Maybe that's why I hate it, but I also think it just sounds stupid. Like you meant to say "behave" but you can't pronounce it properly.

Other words I don't like? "Impactful." Not sure that's really even a word, but I hear it used more and more. In the old days we said something "had an impact." What was wrong with that?

Words I like? I dunno. I kinda like "cornpone." No reason. It just makes me smile.