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I missed the drama of yesterday due to traveling to Durham for a certain sporting event, so it was crazy this morning waking up and seeing the N&O with a pic of Mark Harris in literal tears. He was listening to the testimony of his son, which sealed the deal for pops. His kid testified that he had told him countless times that Dowless was shady, and had turned over emails proving that he had.
Long story short, Harris Jr testified that Harris Sr knew exactly what he was asking for when Dowless was hired.
The question is whether Harris will run for the seat again. He has supposedly had health problems (he says he has had strokes and his memory of some of these events is fuzzy) and he was clearly tarnished in a major way even before his son threw him under the bus (deservedly, it appears). I know the GOP really wants someone else to run as they know Harris is a flawed candidate.