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    LOLcats programming language


    The vast majority of folks here will have no idea what I'm talking about, but I think the rest will find this hysterical-- somebody is writing a programming language based on the bizarre LOLCats jargon and website.

    Highlights include:

    - coments set off using the term "BTW"
    - variable delarations using I CAN HAS [varname]> ITZ [value]
    - "IF" and "ENDIF" replaced with "IZ" and "KTHX"
    - and the loop nomenclature, "IM N YR LOOP" and "IM OUTA YR LOOP"

    Poke around in the examples, statements section and the spec for more details.
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    Oh hai...

    My initial thoughts (without looking at the book which I can't wait to do)

    I'm n yr loop
    Iteratn yr code

    I made u a file
    but I carupted it

    Goto I NO LIKE

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    And I thought this was bad enough

    Hai! Teh blessigs of teh Ceiling Cat b pwn u, lol!

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    Every so often I tell myself, okay, the lolcats thing has run its course, you shouldn't be amused by it anymore. Then I see something like this and start laughing to a point of tears all over again.

    Thank you lolcats, you made my day a little brighter.

    for the record, Invisible Bike has to be my favorite...

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