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    DBR Podcast #107 - a conversation with Quinn Cook

    The past three weeks we have interviewed Jon Scheyer, visited the locker room for a chat with Grayson/Wendell/AOC/Marquis, and now spoken with Quinn Cook. Ummm, yeah... we rock!

    Enjoy and please post your feedback here.

    0:00 We thank our sponsors
    0:30 Donald takes the lead and get diverted talking about New Orleans
    3:30 We finally get to the games. We love the D against Clemson and are enjoying how the team has changed in the past week.
    6:50 Jason talks about how the zone and the press combine to force teams into bad shots.
    9:00 Sam is impressed with Duke’s speed on defense.
    11:10 Time to praise Javin DeLaurier
    13:30 Donald wants to know what Duke will be like when Bagley returns.
    18:00 Looking back on Virginia Tech and Duke’s crazy rebounding edge.
    21:40 Donald focuses on Grayson being aggressive on offense.
    23:40 We interview Duke national champion, Quinn Cook
    25:00 Donald kicks it off asking Quinn about his NBA dream
    27:30 Sam talks to Quinn about the current Blue Devils and their chances to be natty contenders. Quinn is a big fan of Grayson and Marvin.
    31:15 Jason reflects on Quinn’s Duke career and his national title in 2015
    39:55 We react to what Quinn said about the past and the present
    44:45 Byrd Campbell, our favorite law firm!
    45:30 Jason provides a preview of the Lousiville game
    51:35 Sam takes the lead for the preview of the Syracuse game
    55:55 Does Jim Boehiem regret coming to the ACC?
    1:00:25 How worried are you about the FBI investigation into college basketball? Sam explains why he thinks Duke is just fine here.
    1:13:50 Player of the week
    1:15:40 Parting shots – Jason talks Duke Lax success
    1:17:05 Parting shots – Sam on the start of baseball season
    1:17:30 Parting shots – Donald talks about Black Panther and gets movie critic Jason to give us a brief review.
    21:50 Donald says good bye and the Duke band plays us out
    I don't know what you are doing right now, but if you aren't listening to the DBR Podcast, you're doing it wrong.

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    Sorry our timing didn't line up with the NCAA/Louisville stuff. Next week, friends.

    Here, again, is your full suite of download links:

    Google Play

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