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    DBR Podcast #107 - a conversation with Quinn Cook

    The past three weeks we have interviewed Jon Scheyer, visited the locker room for a chat with Grayson/Wendell/AOC/Marquis, and now spoken with Quinn Cook. Ummm, yeah... we rock!

    Enjoy and please post your feedback here.

    0:00 We thank our sponsors
    0:30 Donald takes the lead and get diverted talking about New Orleans
    3:30 We finally get to the games. We love the D against Clemson and are enjoying how the team has changed in the past week.
    6:50 Jason talks about how the zone and the press combine to force teams into bad shots.
    9:00 Sam is impressed with Duke’s speed on defense.
    11:10 Time to praise Javin DeLaurier
    13:30 Donald wants to know what Duke will be like when Bagley returns.
    18:00 Looking back on Virginia Tech and Duke’s crazy rebounding edge.
    21:40 Donald focuses on Grayson being aggressive on offense.
    23:40 We interview Duke national champion, Quinn Cook
    25:00 Donald kicks it off asking Quinn about his NBA dream
    27:30 Sam talks to Quinn about the current Blue Devils and their chances to be natty contenders. Quinn is a big fan of Grayson and Marvin.
    31:15 Jason reflects on Quinn’s Duke career and his national title in 2015
    39:55 We react to what Quinn said about the past and the present
    44:45 Byrd Campbell, our favorite law firm!
    45:30 Jason provides a preview of the Lousiville game
    51:35 Sam takes the lead for the preview of the Syracuse game
    55:55 Does Jim Boehiem regret coming to the ACC?
    1:00:25 How worried are you about the FBI investigation into college basketball? Sam explains why he thinks Duke is just fine here.
    1:13:50 Player of the week
    1:15:40 Parting shots – Jason talks Duke Lax success
    1:17:05 Parting shots – Sam on the start of baseball season
    1:17:30 Parting shots – Donald talks about Black Panther and gets movie critic Jason to give us a brief review.
    21:50 Donald says good bye and the Duke band plays us out
    Why are you wasting time here when you could be wasting it by listening to the latest episode of the DBR Podcast?

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    Sorry our timing didn't line up with the NCAA/Louisville stuff. Next week, friends.

    Here, again, is your full suite of download links:

    Google Play

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