I think the story of the nominations may be the sudden backlash against James Franco and The Disaster Artist. Franco has been accused of some sexual harassment stuff in recent weeks and it seems that kept him from getting a best actor nod, which would have seemed to be a lock after he won the Golden Globe. The Disaster Artist was also overlooked in Best Picture, though that was less of a surprise. Meanwhile, Merryl Streep was nominated for the 943rd time for The Post, though both Spielberg and Hanks did not get nominations for that film, which I think was the best of 2017. Shows what I know.

The big winner is The Shape of Water, which got a staggering 13 nominations. Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk is second with eight noms, followed by Three Billboard with seven. Paul Thomas Anderson's Phantom Thread, which was screened so late that many critics and voters did not see it in time for earlier awards, was nominated for Best Picture and Daniel Day-Lewis for Best Actor. Get Out got 3 huge nominations for Best Picture, Best Director Jordan Peele, and Daniel Kaluuya for Best Actor (though I think Gary Oldman will win in that category). Two first time directors got Best Director nominations, Peele (who is African American) and Greta Gerwig for Lady Bird. Best Director also includes Christopher Nolan for the first time in his career (which seems ridiculous).

While I am bummed that my personal favorites Baby Driver and War for the Planet of the Apes have been almost completely overlooked this award season, I was glad they each got some recognition today. Baby Driver was nominated in 2 sound categories and for film editing. Apes got a visual effects nod.

And finally, on a personal note, the singer that my brother discovered and manages, Andra Day, will be performing her song Stand up For Something from the movie Marshall at the Oscars because it was nominated for Best Original Song. Though Andra has been a phenomenal success in the couple years since my brother gave her a record deal, this is a really, really big deal for them and I am so happy!!

-Jason "will this be the year Roger Deakins finally... after 14 nominations... wins a cinematography award? He's up for the stunning images of Blade Runner 2049" Evans