Put thoughts in here about the season's first Slam. We are through 2 rounds, and there are 32 players remaining in each draw.

On the women's side, I feel like 20 of those 32 players could win it all. With Serena not back yet, parity is the name of the game. Looking forward to Kerber - Sharapova tomorrow.

On the men's side, it looks like it could be a repeat of last year's final, another Federer-Nadal matchup. In Nadal's half, I think it would be Kyrgios who would throw a wrench in that prediction. The Aussie is getting a lot of hype this year to go far in his home Slam, and it would be nice to see him live up to his talent. In Federer's half, the big name to watch is 6-time champ Djokovic, of course. But this is his first tournament played in a long time coming off of injury, but then again, that was also the case with Federer and Nadal last year. (Coming back from injury is tough, though. I don't know that we should just assume that Federer and Nadal's success last year can be easily repeated. Stan Wawrinka, for example, lost in the 2nd round yesterday after his injury return.)