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    Copperhead In My Garden!

    Found this copperhead in my garden today. He now resides with a herpetologist in Trinity.

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    Nice. I was just outside pressure washing the deck at our office, and found a juvenile water snake under a flower pot. It's amazing how close snakes can be in appearance, yet with far different results if picked up. I'm pretty confident in my identification abilities, but I always make sure to do a double take before doing something stupid!
    Normally, if I find a juvy snake (that won't send me to the hospital), I catch and keep it for a few weeks. But, watersnakes are a*holes, so I let him slither away.
    People often ask if I've ever kept a poisonous snake. My experience, with all of the snakes that I've had over the years (over a hundred maybe), is that no matter how secure you make the cage, they are very adept at getting out. I don't mind finding (or being alerted to by a house guest, ha!) that one of mine had escaped...but I also knew that I wasn't going to be turning over every piece of paper in fear of what I'd find.
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