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I have no issue with going public. I simply wanted to avoid being seen as self-promoting. My favorites follow, in no particular order (except that I'm first). I have no business relationships with anyone else on this list, but they are all friends of mine, so bear that in mind.

Above the Market (me)
Jason Zweig
The Reformed Broker (Josh Brown)
Cliff Asness
A Wealth of Common Sense (Ben Carlson)
Corey Hoffstein
Jeremy Schwartz
Dan Egan
Brian Portnoy
Meb Faber
The Retirement Researcher (Wade Pfau)
The Big Picture (Barry Ritholtz)
Blair duQuesnay
Ben Johnson
Peter Lazaroff
Bps and pieces (Phil Huber)
The Research Puzzle (Tom Brakke)
The Irrelevant Investor (Michael Batnick)
Michael Kitces
Larry Hamtil
GreenbackD (Tobias Carlisle)
Of Dollars and Data (Nick Magiulli)
Peter Huminski (a Wahoo though)

If you don't want to wade through or follow this many, you might read Tadas Viskanta's Abnormal Returns, a daily aggregation of the best finance writing.
James Dickey also wrote a poem about what went through the mind of a 29-year old stewardess as she fell to her death from the sky: