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If you work in the financial industry, I understand and respect your perspective.

I donít know that I would change my portfolio based on this thread. I do think if someone shared ďhey, I had some luck with $abcĒ it might pique my curiousity and give me an opportunity to learn something.
The free version of my professional thoughts on this broad subject came out this week. If anybody wants a link I'll gladly share.

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I'm a believer in indexing - you don't really need a lot of paid advice for this to work.
The research data says otherwise. The biggest issues in personal finance are not the investment choices per se. They are dealing with the bad markets that inevitably come, issues of risk need and risk capacity, asset location, spending priorities in retirement and the like. You may be different (the research data also is clear that almost everyone thinks s/he is in the "different" category), but most people would benefit a lot with good, professional advice.

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Pick your index (mine has been the S&P 500), put money in regularly (I've been adding a little bit each month since 1995), don't look until 20 years later, and you will have an account full of fun coupons.
Diversification among indexes is as important as diversification among individual securities.