Ok, I finally got off my butt and started the picking contest for the ACC regular season. Just go to this link to sign up: https://contests.covers.com/OfficePo...2-a85c00dbcc0f

It is possible it will ask you for a password. If it does, the password is: GoDuke

You all should know the rules, but if you do not...

You make picks (spread or O/U) on any game involving any ACC team (even a game against a non-conference opponent). There will be games listed that do not involve ACC teams but please, DO NOT PICK THOSE GAMES!! If you pick a game that does not involve at least 1 ACC team, you will be penalized the amount you wagered by being forced to bet and lose the amount you wagered. This can be a difficult process as intentionally losing is not easy when it comes to Vegas spreads and numbers.

You can make any wager between 100 and 500 units and can make as many as 20 wagers per day. You are being given 5000 virtual units to spend so if you find you have lost more than 5000 units, you are done and cannot make any more wagers.

The contest starts right away -- with the Pitt (+17.5) - Louisville (OU 137) game tonight. It will end with the conclusion of the ACC tournament.

Who won this contest last year? Anyone recall? I know who won the ACC pre-season contest... ME!!

-Jason "if you have any questions or concerns, let me know!" Evans