We did this last year for the ACC season and the NCAA tournament and it was ton of fun, so I am bringing it back!

This is where you come to prove your gambling prowess. Sign up via this Covers.com link and using the Group password "GoDuke" (no quotes) to join our contest. You will be allowed to wager on any game from now until Dec 31st that involves an ACC team. Please, please, please do not mess up and pick a game that does not involve and ACC team or you will be penalized and required to lose the amount you wagered (which can be harder than it sounds).

To be clear, this means you can pick this Friday's Duke-Elon game and the Northern Iowa-UNC game, but not the Texas A&M vs. West Virginia game. Is that clear?

You can wager between 100 and 500 units on every game and can bet point spreads or O/U. You may make up to 10 wagers per day. If, at any time, your account gets to -5000 units then you are done and cannot make any more wagers. We will keep track of weekly winners as well as the overall winner.

If you have any questions, feel free to post there here and I am sure we can come up with a good answer

Contest Name: DBR - Pre-ACC Season
URL to Join: https://contests.covers.com/OfficePo...a-a82300d8a991
Access Password: GoDuke
Commissioner: JasonEvans
Start Date: Nov 6 2017
End Date: Jan 1 2018

-Jason "once Dec 31 rolls around, we will start a new contest where we will only pick ACC games, just like last season" Evans