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    I guess they ran out of fools to separate their money from.

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    Quote Originally Posted by left_hook_lacey View Post
    What the heck is Moviepass? Or, was movie pass?
    Something akin to a firm that sold all-you-can-eat annual passes that were to be accepted at other people's restaurants.

    until they were no longer accepted, that is.

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    The most shocking thing in the release is that Moviefone is still around. I thought Google and the smartphone killed it off years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kdogg View Post
    The most shocking thing in the release is that Moviefone is still around.
    Maybe the value of product placement can have a really long tail.

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    In news that I thought had been news a long long time ago, Moviepass and its owner officially filed for bankruptcy today. Absolutely no one on the planet is shocked at this development.

    ultimately, MoviePassí cash-burning business model proved unsustainable. For full-year 2018, its most recent financial filing, Helios and Matheson reported its net loss more than doubled, to $329.3 million, on revenue of $232.3 million.
    I don't know what you are doing right now, but if you aren't listening to the DBR Podcast, you're doing it wrong.

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    Hit the "New" button on this thread and started reading responses. Read a bunch of posts before I realized they were from 2017!

    My father in law recently closed his movie theater and had to declare bankruptcy. At one point he said he was at Costco and saw a 65" 4k capable TV for something crazy like $300. Between that and streaming services...

    (Note his theater was unique and faced some other challenges over time).

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