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    WBB: Offseason News

    Most notable item in this article is that Kyra Lambert might be available for practice in October. Surprising, but hopeful. Kyra tore her ACL in the NCAA Tournament which threw a monkey wrench into a promising post-season. Remember, our ladies beat eventual national champion South Carolina last year. Kyra was integral to that success. It would be awesome if she could come back to play with Lexie and Becca in their senior (graduate) seasons (Kyra will be a junior).

    Mr. Sumner, any inside dope on Kyra?

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    Another note. WBB web page for coaches list Al Brown as Special Assistant, and former video coordinator Sam Miller as Assistant Coach. This transition had been rumored for a while. I'm a bit surprised that Michelle Van Gorp wasn't named as the third assistant, as she had taken on that role when Al Brown had to sit out for health reasons in recent seasons.

    (The bios for the coaches haven't been updated yet.)

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