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    Use Courier font to make neat tables

    Here's a tip - if you're going to be a stat geek, go the extra mile and wrap your stuff with courier new or something. If you turn on the option in your settings for WYSWYG or whatever you can actually see the courier instead of the tags on either side, which is nice for editing.
    ## Player-Team              Cl   G     No.    Avg/G
     1.Dwayne Collins-UM....FR   29    93     3.21
     2.Jared Dudley-BC......SR   25    78     3.12
     3.Al Thornton-FS.......SR   29    90     3.10
     4.Tyler Hansbrough-NC...SO   29    87     3.00
     5.Trevor Booker-CU.....FR   29    84     2.90
     6.Kyle Visser-WF.......SR   28    80     2.86
     7.James Mays-CU.......JR   29    82     2.83
     8.Ekene Ibekwe-MD......SR   29    77     2.66
     9.Ben McCauley-ST......SO   28    68     2.43
    10.Thaddeus Young-GT....FR   27    64     2.37

    Go to your User CP >> "options" >> at the very bottom of the screen is something that lets you modify the viewing options, chose the WYSIWYK thing.

    Then if you change your font to courier new you will actually see what the font looks like as you type it and it's easier to make things spaced evenly.
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