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    MBB: Duke 64, Clemson 62 Post-Game Thread

    Put your post-game thoughts here.

    Andre Dawkins: “People ask me if I can still shoot, and I ask them if they can still breathe. That’s kind of the same thing.”

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    Great use of our depth in the second half.

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    Escaped. Whew!

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    Glad we got the win... let's get some rest. I'll chalk up our second half letdown to fatigue.

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    Much closer than I would have liked but I'll take the W. Way to hang on, Devils.

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    We were tired. It was evident

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    Hmmm ... a really difficult decision it will be as to who was player of the game for Duke.

    Survived a choppy second half, including some misses on the front end of one and ones. Fatigue showed with some, Jerfferson did a nice job of staying in the game. There are no easy ACC games.

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    Free throws.

    Not Jayson's finest.

    Won with Grayson scoring 8 points.

    Did I mention Phew?

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    Wasn't fun to watch, but it's a win. Next play! Oh and Luke is my hero

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    Kind of reminded me of the NC State game. Wish we could have squeaked out a close win in that one too.

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    Really disheartening but I'm not surprised. I am disheartened because I had hoped that this team might do what a truly great team would do after an emotional win over UNC on Thursday night - i.e. come out focused and play well. Instead, we kinda stunk it up (especially in the 2nd half). With Clemson's abysmal shooting in the 1st (5 made FG's - FIVE) we should have been up by about 20 points. Not so much.

    Then, of course, fatigue set in in the 2nd and Clemson started playing much better and making those shots they'd been missing. And we went cold from three for a bit (which was foreseeable after the hot-shooting first half by Duke). Anyway, glad we won and obviously, Clemson, like Pitt, is a better team than their record would indicate. Congrats to them on a hard-fought game and for not hanging their heads. Let's hope Duke can get some rest and be better mentally and emotionally prepared for the next game.

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    Exactly what I expected when I first saw:

    Thursday, Feb. 9, 8:00 PM- North Carolina
    Saturday, Feb. 11, 1:00 PM- Clemson

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    Avoided the trap. Get rest. Play again

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    Welp, our kenpom D-rank should tick up after this game. Otherwise...well, a win's a win.

    Coach needed to go deeper in the 2nd half, imo. With a 36-hour turnaround after a UNC game, it's not a good idea to go Iron 5 in the second half of a game. Can't prove it, but if we had just injected Marques and Frank into the game for a 4-minute segment, we probably win by 10.

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    This is Luke's world. We just living in it😀

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    Duke played a pretty terrible game. Clemson was just a little worse. The only thing we did well was hit threes in the first half. I can't ever remember a game where we fumbled handoffs, dribbled into turnovers, etc. on offense more. You could see the guys were drained as pretty much no one could be a man one on one on a drive. Like just made some great individual plays.

    As bad as they looked though, Clemson helped out by missing so many makeable shots. The one thing I won't knock is the defensive effort. Like as much as Clemson got to the bucket at will in the second and got on the glass, I don't think it was for a lack of effort. Clemson is still a pretty decent team and when you're not going to play anyone bigger than 6'9" by choice in the second half, you're choosing to give up some rebounds. They made a good effort to get a lot of the ones they did and never give up one of those runs where a team scores on 10 or 12 or 14 straight possessions as we've seen in the past few years at times.
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    GO DUKE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fan345678 View Post
    Exactly what I expected when I first saw:

    Thursday, Feb. 9, 8:00 PM- North Carolina
    Saturday, Feb. 11, 1:00 PM- Clemson
    Except that we should be deep. I see nothing wrong substituting Giles and Bolden a few minutes in 2nd halves when we are so tired.

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    This one definitely reeked of fatigue (emotional and perhaps physical). Our defense was solid (and helped by Clemson) in the first half, but our guards' legs looked shot on that end in the second. Thankfully we held on.

    Hope Allen's ankle is okay. He wasn't effective, and I think the quick turnaround plus the injury was the culprit.

    Let's get some rest. Big game in four days.

    We are currently in fourth in the conference (would stay there in UVa loses), with a chance to move up if we can win on Wednesday.

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    A very physical game, with not too many fouls called.

    I still miss flowy hoops!


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    Saturday in the ACC. That's what it's like. I do love it so.

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