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    Help With Chants!!!

    Hey All:

    I have been a consistent reader and a new-comer to posting for this message board/site. I graduated DUKE in 2003. My nephew is at American University, in the District. AU is playing against Colgate in the Patriot League Quarterfinals on Wednesday. He asked me if any of the Crazies could think of ways to make fun of Colgate or their roster...i.e. chants, signs, etc. I said make references to Crest, toothbrushes, and those sort of things...But i was wondering if someone could help my nephew out here! I would greatly appreciate it!

    Also, he said there is a rumor that K is thinking about AU for next year instead of Bucknell and Holy Cross, is this true? Hopefully someone answers this post, unlike what has happened the last view times! Thanks again!

    GO DUKE!

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    I don't love giving cheer ideas, mostly because they tend to sound stupid when you type them out. But if you look out on the web, there is some material to work with. I'm sure a clever American student can come up with some decent cheers/signs from it:

    Gleaned from the Colgate website... I see that they have two of three triplets on their squad, Kyle and Kendall Chones. The third triplet, Kameron (good name, poor spelling) attends Brown. They also have a sister Kareeda who works for the Milwaukee Bucks and a sister Kaayla (formerly of NC State) who plays in the WNBA for the Mystics (or did... she doesn't seem to be on the current roster). If she is still with the Mystics, I'd suspect she'd be there to watch her brothers play at American.

    Their best player is a guy named Jon Simon who appears to be a definite "Opie."

    According to this article from the Colgate student paper, the Raiders' last loss to American was "one of Colgate's most devastating losses in team history." Kyle Chones fouled American's Arvydas Eitutavicius with .2 seconds left, and he sank both free throws to send the game into overtime for an American win. In that game, Eitutavicius and Linus Lekavicius combined for 25 points. "Our Lithuanians own you" on a sign?

    Hope this helps your nephew come up with some good ideas!

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    Just glancing at their roster it looks like the Chones brothers play for them. Not sure how they pronounce that - but you could always chant "Two Chones (pronounced Cahones)/ No Balls"

    Their best player looks to be Jon Simon. Maybe if he misses a shot go with "Simon Says BRICK!!!"

    just some ideas off the top of my head.

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    Thanks all!!!

    Thanks all...if you have anymore ideas from others...let me nephew is really excited for this game...

    They are called the Blue Crew. Nothing like my days at Cameron, but it can be a lot of fun when American wins! Thanks for the support you all for a program, I'm sure many of us, including myself, no little about!


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    Really? A Duke graduate?

    With the grammar in that last post, you don't even sound like an American graduate, let alone a Duke graduate.

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    grammer, we're talking about grammer?

    Your second comma is not necessary.

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    No, we're talking about g-r-a-m-m-a-r

    I didn't want to do it; I HAD to do it.

    Would the Punctuation Police please tell me if that's correct usage of the semicolon? I so rarely use them that I just can't recall.

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