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Thread: Ymm, Beer

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    Sierraveza-Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

    Guess the style .

    Twelve ounce can. Beer #1 from my September beer club 4 pack.

    Pour was a light golden-yellow with a thick, frothy head. Soft floral aromas, followed by the expected lightly bitter, floral hoppiness from a lager with hints of sweetness. I'll guess 20 IBUs and the ABV is stated at 5%. Very easy to sip on a warm, late summer evening or pair with a turkey club sammich. Fuse Cat 2. Another solid SN offering.
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    Feb 2007
    Coffee Cherry Vanilla Dire Wolf-Wolf's Ridge Brewing

    Packaged on
    Feb/01/20smudge smudge

    One of a number of Dire Wolf variants; I've had the original, Coffee Vanilla and One Line (coffee only). I have the Yub Nub (cinnamon and coffee infused) and Port Wine variants "cellaring" for fall or winter sipping.

    Bomber divided over 2 nights.

    Pour was a mahogany with ruby edges and a thin, tan head. Coffee tempts the nose along with vanilla, followed by the same on the palate with tart cherries interwoven, but secondary to the java and vanilla and maybe some molasses (not added) and other dark, dried fruits. It's an imperial stout so I'll guess IBUs in the 50-60 range; mostly heavily roasted grains bitter and not hoppy bitter. You'll feel the 12.2% ABV about halfway through the bomber so it's really time to quit after 11-12 ounces. Highly recommended and easily fuse Cat 3.
    [redacted] them and the horses they rode in on.

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