10 days! We are just 10 days away from the start of the EPL! I figured it was time to start a new thread for the upcoming season to capture thoughts on this year's EPL season as well as any MLS, World Cup, etc. commentary. Lots of interesting story lines after a busy summer of the Euros and Copa America.

I did my usual pre-season predictions, I didn't spend as much time on them as normal, but here is how I see the table shaking out right now. There's still time left in the transfer market and injuries always can change the course of a season. Normally I would try to wait another week, but I'll be off the grid next week. I will undoubtedly be wayyyyy off. I think I had Leicester being relegated last year...

1. Manchester City - Pep's in charge and they've spent a lot of money.
2. United - I assume the Pgoba deal will go through, but I can't help but thing that they overpaid. Ibra up top, Mourinho as manager..intersting times
3. Arsenal - Not picking Arsenal to finish in the top 4 at this point would be stupid
4. Chelsea - Should bounce back nicely
5. West Ham - New stadium, more money.
6. Tottenham - Always will be Tottenham
7. Leicester - Champions League football, no Kante, new Expectations...a regression to the mean.
8. Liverpool - I like Klopp, but not sold on the team
9. Southampton
10. Everton
11. Stoke City
12. Swansea
13. Crystal Palace
14. AFC Bournemouth
15. Watford
16. Burnley
17. Middlesbrough
18. West Brom - Been uninspiring for a few years now
19. Sunderland - Eventually they will fall off the cliff. I think it's this year
20. Hull City - Worst team from the championship to make it up this year. Straight back down they go

I can't wait for another season. Beautiful game.