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    Another great podcast with Justice this week. Brilliant!
    Justice is so funny. Loved his insight to Duke. He thoughts on K. The weekly/daily meeting with him. His roommate Grayson on how they didn't get on at the start and what good friends they are today. Plus the confession about how self centered he was at the start of his Duke journey to the change to being a team centered person. Then there is the funny banter back and fourth between him and Jon. So funny. Outstanding entertainment!
    Quote Originally Posted by MartyClark View Post
    I enjoyed this podcast. I don't think I had previously heard a Justice interview. I was surprised that he was so funny and sarcastic.
    Keep up the good work, Mr. Scheyer.
    Quote Originally Posted by Billy Dat View Post
    This was extremely interesting and just shows that unless you have a real inside contact with the program, you have no idea what is happening. Justise, by his own admission, didn't care about anyone other than himself when he got to Duke, and even before. On his official visit, Jah and Tyus were thick as thieves so Justise kept heading off with people he knew from Texas, leaving Scheyer and Capel in a panic about whether or not he was really interested. Forced to live with Grayson, he basically ignored him because he just didn't care about him. For a guy who projects so much, I don't know, "goodness", it is a reminder that these kids can be complete egomaniacs (as every one of my pre-teen children are - perhaps real adulthood is finally understanding that you are not the only person in the universe) but K laid the smack down and told him to knock it off. Really interesting...and, as the others have said, funny too. The kid has wry charm.
    I got behind on these podcasts and just listened to the Justise one this morning. Agreed on the praise above. He has a very offbeat, humorous personality. I literally did a spit-take when Coach Scheyer and he were arguing about the 2010 vs 2015 championship teams and Justise went straight to the "We have more heart than you guys" argument.

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    I'm taking Scheyer's all-time team over Justise's, unless we are talking present players instead of at Duke. I think Hurley does fine guarding Kyrie. He guarded the left-hand version in conference while at Duke.
    I also enjoyed the podcast with Jay Bilas and really liked his defense of Alarie as an underrated guy who could be in the rafters.

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    Some highlights of Adidas Nations (including a decent amount of Chase and Frank highlights). Dennis Smith looks like he's healthy; I'm going to be very interested in following his season at NCSU. I think he's going to kill it.

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    I will sheepishly admit that I've listened to most of the episodes so far and find them enjoyable.

    To all the former Duke guards out there who suddenly feel the need to start new podcasts, please stop, we are fully saturated.

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    The new episode is up and it features Harry Giles and Jayson Tatum.

    Harry is the more talkative of the two, and I think his newly burgeoning catch-phrase is, "I like that!"

    Most of the chatter is pretty lite, but they talk a bit about the guys on the team including "Pops" Jefferson, "Uncle" Matt Jones, etc. Sounds like Javin has a little of that Grayson intensity. It also sounds like Bolden is a character they can't quite describe...which sounds intriguing.

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    While Jon has only released one episode of the podcast this offseason, he did just star in this Blue Planet style "Day in the Life" which features a recent day of workouts

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    Coach Scheyer was on the Solving Basketball podcast released this morning. About 40 minutes of X-and-Os talk between him and Jordan Sperber. I only got to listen to the first 25 minutes or so, and it was stuff about the 2010 team, the 2019 team, and the general program. Nothing about this upcoming season's team yet. I would say for very close followers of the team from an X-and-Os standpoint, you probably won't hear anything too new or surprising. For more casual fans, this podcast might be gold.

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