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    I've been traveling from Colorado to South Florida a bit this winter to look after aging parents. I got interested in the history of South Florida and the Everglades.

    I read "The Swamp: The Everglades, Florida, and the Politics of Paradise" by Michael Grunwald. Very interesting book. I never realized the Seminole were not native to South Florida. The efforts to drain the Everglades allowed the settlement of South Florida by white folks but has had disastrous environmental consequences.

    A good read.
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    Quote Originally Posted by luburch View Post
    So I just finished the Red Rising Trilogy by Piece Brown. If you enjoyed the Hunger Game series or Ender's Game then I highly recommend it.

    I was curious what everyone else is reading or had finished reading recently and if anyone had any recommendations?

    I will read pretty much anything I can get my hands on. Fiction, non-fiction, sci-fi, doesn't make a difference. Debating starting the Game of Thrones series..

    Recently, I've read the three JK Rowling detective novels, Life is Not an Accident (J-Will), and The Hobbit.

    Anyone have anything they're reading now or that they recommend? I figured this thread could be a nice soundboard for those looking for something new to read.
    Can't go wrong with Dark Tower. If you want another YA (too young, but enjoyable) check out the Necrosanguin series. If you want some bigger stories with awesome worlds and magic systems, check out anything in Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere Universe.

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