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    Jeremy Cash USA Today article

    USA Today writes how Jeremy Cash "personifies Duke Football":

    A wonderful relevant quote:
    "Honestly, when people ask me, 'Hey, are you a football player,' I always tell them, no," he said. "I'm a student that plays football. I think there's a difference. Because I don't let football define the type of person that I am."
    Another good one:
    Tressel's parting gift for Cash was a suggestion: Go to Duke, he said, praising David Cutcliffe, even if the former Tennessee assistant had yet to win more than five games in each of his first four seasons with the Blue Devils.
    "I wanted someone I could actually trust, who would have my back," said Cash. "And Coach Tressel saw that in Coach Cutcliffe. I knew, hey, education is where it's at. If you can play, they'll find you. Coming to Duke, that was essentially a no-brainer."
    Jeremy Cash is the student face of Duke Football in 2015. Let's hope he has another All-America season in him before he gets drafted.

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    please stay healthy, please please please stay healthy. I always worry about a guy with his prospects coming back to play another year. how sad would it be? ugh, caring about football is so much more stressful than basketball sometimes.

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