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    Duke Basketball Camp - Tips for Parents?

    Hey guys - my sons are attending Duke Basketball Camp as Day Campers in a few weeks and I am interested in any tips you want to pass along based on experience. I will be down in Durham with them the entire time and while I have to work during a few of the days, I'll be able to attend nearly anything worth attending - games, lectures, etc. Also, if there are any veteran moves a first timer wouldn't know about that would help the kids have a smooth experience - Any advice you can pass along would be most appreciated.

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    Duke Camp

    My son just got back from session 1 today. He's totally exhausted, but he had a great time. There are signs where to park, then you go into Cameron. Coach K signs autographs from noon to 1:45. He'll sign one thing per person. They have balls and stuff there to have him sign, but they are expensive and the concession stand only takes cash. They will cut the line off, so if you want an autograph, get in line as soon as possible. When you get to Cameron, you get in the day camper line and get their info. It will say what team and station number they are on. Elementary aged kids are Patriot League and Ivy League, middle school kids are major college teams like Indiana. High school kids are NBA teams. You get a schedule that tells you when your kid's team is playing and where. They play in Cameron, Card gym(no AC, very hot), Wilson and the K center. At 1:45 Coach K gives a talk in Cameron. The kids sit down on the floor and the parents go sit upstairs, so make sure your kid knows his team before you go up. They get with their teams right after the lecture. All the assistant coaches were there at times, my son got a picture with Jon Scheyer. Chris Collins was even there for part of it one night. Nolan Smith gave one of the lectures, Matt Jones and Amile Jefferson were around a lot too. Cherokee Parks was one of the coaches. They have lots of free gatorade for the kids. There are a few places (Wilson for sure) that have outlets if you need to charge your phone. You never know when you'll need a camera. ) Hope you and your kids have a great time.

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    My sons have went the last two years. My wife and daughter stayed in a hotel while the boys were overnight campers. I went to the Saturdays and Sundays, but had to return to work to pay for the camp...

    I think you would enjoy listening to the speakers at night. Apparently, Nolan Smith gave a great speech last night.

    My wife and daughter were able to watch as many of the games and drills as they wanted.

    I also recommend buying a ball for Coach K and the various players/celebrities to sign.

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    Encourage your sons to shower... often. Just a word of advice from a grizzled veteran mother of a former camper.
    Nothing incites bodily violence quicker than a Duke fan turning in your direction and saying 'scoreboard.'

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    Thanks everyone. I am not a big autograph hound but I'd love to get a picture of my sons with K. Does he do that when he's signing or is it autographs only?

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    pictures with Coach K

    He has an assistant there to take pictures with you and your kids. He'll happily take more than one. Also this year they are having team pictures with Coach K and all five national championship trophies that you can download at duke blue planet. You can pick up the directions at the managers station. They're pretty cool. Have a great time!

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    Thanks for all your advice. We just got back and it was pretty awesome. I think the combination of the amazing facilities (the kids getting to play in Cameron) combined with the team milling about from time to time is pretty unbeatable. The freshmen all arrived this week so they were very conspicuous, especially Kennard and Chase Jeter who seemed to be hanging out all the time. Cherokee and Ricky Price were both refs the entire time and I had multiple sightings of Nolan, Capel, Scheyer, Grayson, Amile, Vrank, Matt Jones, Nate James, etc. As a topper, I got to say hello to Coach Danowski...only a hello with Cutcliffe could have been the cherry on the sundae. Plus, David Robinson addressed the camp on the first night. All in all, pretty magical. I can't get over not only the amount of building at Duke over the past 20 years, but the amount happening now. The money that must be flowing is remarkable.

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