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    Bob Harris final call of Northwestern Game

    When it became apparent that duke might win, I recorded Bob's call of the last ~2 minutes. If anyone would like, i am planning on making an mp3 of the final play, which, if you havent heard it, is very exciting. If you want it, post here

    mods, if this is illegal or infringing on a copyright please delete

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    i would LOVE to hear that

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    I'd love to hear it.

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    Awesome-- I'd listen (again... I heard it live on the internet).

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    I thought Wes Chesson was excellent down the stretch. He kept saying what I wanted to say. "Don't lay back and hope that Northwestern makes a mistake. Attack and force a mistake. Don't wait for them to lose the game, win the game for yourself."

    Kudos to Wes.

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    I vote for the "Put it on" crowd

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    Hear it for the first time!

    Living in Hillsborough, about 15 miles away from Duke, I cannot pick up WDNC at night, so I had to watch on TV so I would love to hear Bob's call. Also, how did Bob and Wes react to the reversal of the 4th down play that was changed on replay. It seemed to be an obvious first down. On the Big Ten Network with big ten announcers,they were astounded the play was reversed.

    Andy from Hillsborough

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    stuck in NJ lol
    I didn't get to hear it so I'd love to hear it on here. Please post it for us all!!

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    I like Wes, but did no one else think Harris' calls were far too homerish? For someone who couldn't watch the game, he acted like every single call went against Duke, but then, a play would be reviewed and the call's that didn't go Duke's way got upheld. I dunno, just my opinion, I just found it very misleading.

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    Harris' job is to preach to the choir, try to be objective, but essentially preach to the choir. Hey, Could be worse. What if you had to listen to Woody Durham call the Duke game? Oh God, I had to listen to that man give reports on Greensboro television news for years! It was horrific.

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    My favorite announcer comment in a long time was the day after this year's NCAA finals. FOX radio sports co-host James Washington said:

    "Billy Donovan has a chance to become the John Wooden of college basketball."

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    We were too busy...

    jumping up and down and yelling in our living room ourselves to hear what Bob was saying. I'd love to hear it.

    Love, Ima

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    ok ill get it bay this weekend, im kind of busy right now...

    just so you knowm here is about what he said:
    the drop, here comes the rush, hes hit as he throoooowwwwsssssssssssssss....INCOMPLETE! THE BALL GAME IS OVER! THE STREAK IS OVER!

    i think ill upload it somewhere instead of emailing it to everyone. Anyone know of a good, free filesharing site?

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    I want it too. I watched on tv but I'd love to here Bob Harris' version.

  15. #15 is a great place for uploading such things

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    I was unable to hear the game where I was and would like to hear it. Thanks in advance for posting it.

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    count me in if you email it. Thanks!

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    your wish is my command
    there are 2 files here- the entire last 2 minutes and the postgame. they are recorded from wdnc-620 AM

    DISCLAIMER: i have uploaded the files as-is. i have not edited out any commercials as i had origionally intended to do. I thought that people would rather have this now unedited than get it edited after the fact. Feel free to use this file for whatever you want; i do not consider it mine juse because i recorded it.

    have fun!

    having never used putfile before, i do not know if this will work. let me know if it doesnt; we can figure somehting else out!

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    Thumbs up

    Thank you goduke. A job well done.

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    I know you already got the file up, but is good for that kind of stuff + it was co-created by a current Duke student.

    (Not meant to be a shameless plug. Thought you guys might be interested in the work of a rather enterprising Blue Devil.)

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