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  1. State of the Devils?

    The Devils have faced a lot of adversity this year. But Sunday's events have obviously taken the adversity to an entirely new level. I am very curious to know how the team is handling all of this and how the coaching staff is handling all of this. Will the team feed off of this and pull together to play out of their minds to kick some butt? Or will their youth rear its head like never before and cause the Devils to become even less productive come game time?

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    let's just enjoy the ride

    I personally think everything will be fine. Remember, K is extremely poised and all the assistant coaches have been through some rough UNC finale games before the tourney starts. They have lots of time to prepare. I'm not hoping for a quick exit from the ACC tourney but if it doesn't affect seeding, some extra time off might help the coaches prepare the guys for the big dance.

    To talk of the lack of an offense. I think people are forgetting the major leads we have had in many games of late (Clemson, GT, St. John's). I mean the O was clicking and the team looked great. To say we have problems offensively seems to stem less from talent and more from maintaining the lead mentally.

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    Adversity? These guys are twenty year olds playing Division 1 basketball on national television at one of the great private universities in the world. They play a friggin' game, for gosh sakes. War, death, destruction, pestilence, debilitating desease, poverty, now maybe we're talking adversity.

    Sure, I know for the next month or so we'll hear from every sweat-soaked knucklehead with a microphone shoved in front of him during a post-game celebration how his team, which suffered: a mid-season injury; fan, press, or selection committee dissing; or mere poor team chemistry had to overcome tremendous adversity. But it's moronic and laughable, so can DBR remain an "adversity free zone"?

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    Adversity is a perfectly good word

    It can mean "bad luck" as well as "calamity." It suits the Blue Devils just fine at this point in the team's season.

    The last thing this board needs is the dictionary police.

  5. Of course, I was using the term "adversity" relative to the sport of college basketball. Not relative to life in general. But thanks for the comments!

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    I don't really look at Sunday's event as the type of "adversity" that is likely to have much effect on the team, other than the obvious lack of Henderson for one game. I'd expect the team has probably moved on by this point.

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