Reports coming today that FSU Compliance is investigating the substantial number of autographed items authenticated by the autograph dealer linked to suspended Georgia running back Todd Gurley.

Fisher then told reporters he wasn't concerned that an autograph authentication business, which recently was linked to suspended Georgia running back Todd Gurley, also was linked to Winston.

James Spence Authentication certified more than 500 autographs of Gurley, who is being investigated for allegedly taking money for signings.

A cursory search on JSA's website found more than 340 certified Winston autographs.
This comes on the heels of the news that Winston will be facing an ad hoc hearing to determine whether he violated the school's code of student conduct in relation to an alleged sexual assault in December 2012. This in turns follows a Fox Sports report that FSU university officials and Tallahassee police hampered the investigation into the December 2012 incident by, among other things, providing police reports to university athletic officials and Winston's attorney days before the reports were provided to the local prosecutor.

Also this week the New York Times reviewed the sometimes checkered relationship between FSU football and Tallahassee criminal justice.

When Jesus (Bobo) Wilson, an up-and-coming wide receiver, was stopped by the Tallahassee police in June while riding a stolen Bintelli Sprint motor scooter, his story was dubious: He claimed he had borrowed it from a student whose last name he did not know. But for Officer Michael Petroczky, it was convincing enough to forestall an arrest.

The officer, noting in his report that Mr. Wilson was a Florida State football player, wrote: “Wilson was not arrested today because he cooperated, showed no signs of guilt and provided a plausible story that needs to be investigated.”

According to the scooter’s owner, Mr. Wilson’s football connections weighed heavily on the case. After letting Mr. Wilson go, the officer arranged to meet the owner, a Florida State student, in a campus parking lot at night and “questioned if I was mentally stable or if I had forgotten that I lent him the scooter,” the student said in an email interview. The officer seemed deeply reluctant to charge Mr. Wilson, saying he did not want his name on the arrest report, according to the student.

“He told me that he had not arrested Wilson because he was a football player, and he did not want to ‘ruin’ his record by arresting him” if there was a chance he might be innocent, the student wrote.
So...all that is happening.