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    New Yorkers: Zoubeard in commercial realty

    Please move this elsewhere if it fits somewhere else...

    My family and I happened to bump into Brian Zoubek recently and he mentioned that he is now working in commercial real estate for Cushman and Wakefield in NYC. We got his card and will use him for a lease that we are working on. Will be fun to work with him and glad to be able to help him out!!

    It occurred to me that there may be others on this board in the NYC area that have a hand in commercial real estate decisions and might want to do the same. Let's make him a big success!

    I wont post his contact details here, but his linkedin entry shows that he is based in the Sixth Avenue office.

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    Very appropriate and appropriately presented. If I could, I would, and I didn't go to Duke. Then, again, I've been in the bag for Z from the first time I saw him play. Who knows.

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