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The biggest issue I see right now with cryptocurrencies and maybe blockchain is the power needs of mining and transactions. They simply aren't sustainable. I believe the current estimated transaction cost is something like 400 kwH of energy to calculate. That's enough to energy to power 14 homes for a day. As bitcoin is used more, that cost can only increase. I just don't see how it can survive under it's own weight.

I don't know if this is an issue to bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, or blockchain in general but it's definitely a problem.
I think that issue is a cryptocurrency issue...blockchain itself does not inherently have those problems (that I can see). Blockchain is used, as an example, in Google docs and other applications where changes are automatically saved.

And you may certainly be right about the sustainability issue. I quickly checked, and it's at 3420 USD now...down from double that just a couple months ago, and down from the high of 20 thousand. It could be eroding itself right out of relevance.