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    Duke Lax seniors return

    Duke seniors decide to play, Lacrosse players to use extra year

    Four former Duke men's lacrosse players have decided to return to the team for the spring season, accepting an extra year of eligibility granted by the NCAA.
    Duke announced Monday that Matt Danowski, Dan Loftus, Nick O'Hara and Tony McDevitt were accepted as graduate students and have enrolled for the fall semester. The four completed their undergraduate studies at Duke and graduated in the spring.
    This is will only be a positive for that already strong program.

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    Just for perspective on what this means...

    Matt Danowski and Nick O'Hara were both first-team All-Americans last season. Tony McDevitt and Dan Loftus were third-team All-Americans. Also, they are sprinkled all over the field as Danowski is an attacker, O'Hara a midfielder, McDevitt plays defender, and Loftus is our goalkeeper.

    I think Virginia was supposed to be borderline unbeatable next season... now we should give them a real run for their money!

    --Jason "these guys have come so close-- and been through so much-- they deserve a National Title" Evans

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    Agreed Jason, would love to see these guys win.

    I was so bummed last season when they lost in the Championship game.

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