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    he just wanted to get in on those "no show" classes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rthomas View Post
    I can't even believe this thread exists. Where might have Kobe gone to college? Duke or UNC? Really? A thread?
    Multiple threads. This is only the most recent one. I guess the rivalry extends to bragging rights to an NBA superstar of questionable character.

    Not that it matters, but this might be the kind of thing he says to get on Mitch Kupchak's good side in order to continue making $30 million a year despite a clear deterioration of physical ability and a poor performance so far as an elder Laker ambassador. He wants to remain a Laker and win another title, but not take a pay cut. Any GM can tell you that the Lakers are better off getting two free agents at max contracts than one free agent and an albatross.

    Also, with near-zero chance of playing in the 2016 Olympics, it costs him nothing to turn away from Coach K and Duke fans. Such a statement can help if it works, and has no effect if it doesn't. Personally, I prefer this revisionist history.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billy Dat View Post
    The Heels can use some good news after this summer. Let them have Kobe. They can talk about how great Vince Carter might have been if he'd had Kobe to practice against.
    Ok, that's funny...

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaosmage View Post
    to see people desperate for some news, put on your waders and bulletproof vest and venture over to IC. The posters there were raving about this and how "K must have turned him off during the Olympics."

    Delusional much?
    As many posters have noted, this is really a non-issue regardless because Kobe didn't go to college. IMO, there are many people in the sports media that are questioning how sincere and truthful Kobe is being with this new revelation. That said, I tend to believe Kobe would've gone to Duke when you have multiple people including Kobe's HS coach (who said back then that K and Kobe had an unbelievable connection and bond during Kobe's HS days and that Kobe wanted to play for K), K and Kobe himself say that he would've gone to Duke had he attended college. And if IC posters want to believe that a rift happened between K and Kobe at the Olympics, God bless them; but all one has to do is look at the end of gold medal game in London to see the heartfelt hugs between K and Kobe to know that a rift developed simply isn't true.

    If anything, maybe Kobe is jealous of all the attention that the media has made between Lebron and K; and K now saying that Lebron is the best player in the NBA now. For a prideful player like Kobe (and I don't mean that in a bad way), hearing that would be the equivalent of HB (or Kobe) choosing to go to UNC over Duke for Duke fans, especially when many thought HB was going to Duke.

    I believe K and Kobe still maintain a strong relationship; and for all we know this could still be another way of Kobe needling K.

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