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    NEW ACC FB Bowl Agreements Announced - Could be as many as 11 now

    ACC has today announced a new slate of Football Bowl agreements starting next year. The 15-team league could have as many as 11 bowls aligned going forward. Lots of possibilities for the still-improving Devils.

    I am intrigued by the deal with the Capital-One bowl, such that the ACC replaces the Big10 whenever the BigTen plays in the Orange. Note the comments at the end about other possibilitites still coming, such as Military and the Detroit Bowls, plus some others. Bowls such as Liberty, AdvoCare V100 and Beef 'O' Brady's St. Petersburg are still possibly in play.

    Sorry to see the old Peach Bowl (Chick-Fil-A) apparently go away.

    The ACC's champion is contracted to play in the Discover Orange Bowl when the game is not part of the semifinals in the College Football Playoff.

    The Russell Athletic Bowl in Orlando will get the next selection from the ACC of any teams that didn't qualify for the semifinals or Orange Bowl, sources said.

    However, when a Big Ten team plays opposite the ACC in the Orange Bowl, the ACC would take the Big Ten's slot in the Capital One Bowl in Orlando, sources said. When that occurs, the Capital One Bowl would get the selection before the Russell Athletic Bowl.

    The ACC's next four bowl slots after the Russell Athletic Bowl will be shared by the Belk, Gator/Music City, Pinstripe and Sun bowls to provide flexibility for the conference and the bowls, sources said.

    The Gator Bowl in Jacksonville and the Music City Bowl in Nashville will each get an ACC and Big Ten school three times over the six-year period.

    Sources said the ACC's bowl opponents will be: Capital One (SEC), Russell Athletic (Big 12), Belk/Music City (SEC), Pinstripe (Big Ten) and Sun (Pac-12).

    ESPN previously reported the ACC also would play the Big Ten in a new Detroit bowl at Ford Field and also face the American Athletic Conference in the Military Bowl in Annapolis, Md.

    Other bowls that could be part of the ACC's new bowl lineup include the Liberty, AdvoCare V100 and Beef 'O' Brady's St. Petersburg, sources said. With 15 football members, the ACC could have as many as 11 bowl tie-ins beginning in 2014.

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    Quote Originally Posted by -bdbd View Post
    Sorry to see the old Peach Bowl (Chick-Fil-A) apparently go away.

    Peach/CFA Bowl (and Cotton Bowl) were elevated and are now part of the playoff, which is why they're not in the conference commitments anymore.

    I believe there are kick down schemes that push the conference champions into the Cotton and Peach if the bowls with tie-ins are the semifinal sites for that year and a conference champion is not in the chosen 4 teams. For example, the first year of the new scheme, the Rose and Sugar are the semifinal spots. Those two bowls have all of their spots committed to conference champs (Rose=Pac12/Big10, Sugar=SEC/Big12). If any of those 4 champions is not in the 4 playoff teams, then they will go to the Cotton or Peach or Fiesta.

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    It looks like, as long as we get 6 wins, we will not be squeezed out of a bowl game. This year, I think that we can find a way to win 7 games. Hopefully, that allows us to get into a good bowl game this year. That 52 year stretch without a bowl win better end soon!

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