You have simply got to see this poker hand. It is beyond unreal. You need to see it unfold for yourself so I will put my comments in spoiler text--

The guy who folded the kings made an amazing play, but I hate that fold. I did not see his chip count and am not 100% clear on how that format works, but in a regular game there is just no way you can fold Ks there. I think he suspected he was up against a suited A-Q or A-J and thought he was about a 2-1 favorite to win. He did not want to risk going out on a 30% chance at a suck-out. Maybe it is just me, but hyper-conservative play like that is not my style. Plus, with the other player in the pot he could have been looking at a triple-up or at least playing for a pot that included the significant raise that was made by the guy who had Qs.

The queen suck-out on the river stunk, but the guy with Aces played the hand corrently. It was the folded kings that really missed out on a huge pot there.

-Jason "highlight above to see my thoughts" Evans