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    Duke Athletics and Social Media

    For some time now, Duke has been engaging alums and fans via the Interwebs, specifically through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other outlets, I'm sure. For example, Duke has the 11th-largest following on Facebook compared against its peer institutions.

    But beyond quantity, the month of January also saw a healthy level of engagement, leading to Duke's efforts being noticed.

    Of course, Duke recently relaunched DukeBluePlanet, which integrates various elements of the social media platforms.

    The audiences that Duke is reaching are surely different across these different spaces.

    I do wonder how much this community interacts with Duke via social media, rather than the traditional "indirect" outlets of newspapers, television, etc.

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    Interesting topic. I'm frequently online , infrequently here, and rarely on GoDuke or Blue Planet. Kyle's and Mason's videos got me over to Blue Planet a few times. I think I got my ical schedule for the season at GoDuke but that's been about it. Don't use Facebook or Twitter, except to randomly check up on what Wayne Coyne is doing.

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    That's a very good question.

    My own pattern is that social media is my source of information for those things or people who interest me, but I find myself at a geographic or other sort of distance from them and lack a more direct connection. There are so many ways for alums to be involved directly with Duke that I tend to go a more direct route for keeping up with what's going on on campus. Proximity helps!

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    Not an alum but...

    Big fan. Wingate U. 2001 grad. I keep up with Duke through the fb pages, here, twitter during the games, occasionally the Chronicle or other sites. This is probably the #1 page on my computer/iPad though. I'd love to know if there is an app for this forum. I know that DBR had a news app, but I read the articles via RSS.

    Since I'll be moving to iPad soon for my primary device, any recommended Duke apps would be great!


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    My social media interactions with the program are mostly limited to Blue Planet and Facebook. I love Blue Planet though. The videos are usually well done, and the interviews at the end really give me a feel for the players' personalities.

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