Went to the game yesterday at MSG thanks to a kind fellow DBRer who sold me some tickets, and I have to say, as ALWAYS we were the Big Ticket.

The students were all given red and white hats and red shirts with "BEAT DUKE" printed in white across the front.

Rally towels were placed on every seat in the lower bowl.

The band and cheerleaders were out by the Ticket Booths, dancing and cheering, and the St. Johns fans were going NUTS.

A ten point first half ended that Not sure if it came across on TV, but the applause when they scored number 10 was terrific... a real slow-build to a roar.

Anyway, got me to thinking; is there ANY other team in the country that is as much a "BIG GAME" as Duke? I was discussing this with a buddy, and other than arch rivals, we didn't think anyone was at Duke's level.


P.S. Couldn't help but laugh; over on a St. John's board, someone had mentioned the t-shirts, and a St. John's fan said something to the effect of "T-shirts?! Must have been another well orchestrated show of those stoopid ****ies, who are never spontaneous!" Whoops!