How do you get a horse to poop in a bucket on command you ask? For those who care:

And, importantly for me, how do you get a bunch of people to vote next week (online Facebook contest) for this wonderful horse to win the "America's Favorite Trail Horse" contest?

Windchester made it (with your help) to the finals! Only 25 amateurs from the country are entered. We're Dukies living in NC, so it seems most appropriate that we show the cowboys out west how it's done!

In partial answer to the question, I will say that following Duke B-ball for 45 years and especially K's techniques for developing the athlete on all levels has been inspiring. It doesn't involve force or intimidation, but does center around making the horse feel safe and appreciated. I suspect this is also why Bobby Hurley had such success with horses.

Hey, if he wins, I'll share all my secrets Any help/suggestions on how to garner votes will be greatly appreciated.