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    Pat Summitt Retires

    If we don't already, soon we will talk about her in the same way we talk about Coach Wooden.

    She'll be missed.

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    Best of luck to her in her battle against Alzheimers. A true pioneer and class act.

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    Quote Originally Posted by burnspbesq View Post
    If we don't already, soon we will talk about her in the same way we talk about Coach Wooden.

    She'll be missed.
    I'm a little sad about this. As far as I can tell she's always earned respect and when I've heard her talk I liked what she had to say.

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    Like Dean Smith, she's one of the coaches I loved to hate, which means I have tons of respect for what she's accomplished. Best wishes to her; both the women's and the men's games owe her lots, she has set standards and records that are so high up there they may never be touched.
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    I've just read the ESPN article on today's announcement. A "Coach" is so much more than that. I lost my high school coach to cancer over 20 years ago, but the lessons he taught continue to this day. I was fortunate to have him in my life, as I'm sure the young men at Duke think of K and the young women of UT think the same of Coach Summitt.

    Even in her departure, she continues to "Coach," as I quote her directly.

    "I've loved being the head coach at Tennessee for 38 years, but I recognize that the time has come to move into the future and to step into a new role," said Summitt.

    "I want to help ensure the stability of the program going forward. I would like to emphasize that I fully intend to continue working as head coach emeritus, mentoring and teaching life skills to our players, and I will continue my active role as a spokesperson in the fight against Alzheimer's through the Pat Summitt Foundation Fund."

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    Congratulations to Coach Summit. And best of luck in her fight with that terrible disease.

    I didn't always like her, and what her teams did to Duke, but you HAVE to respect all of those wins - the winningest coach ever in D1 college basketball - and her incredible longevity. Not many have lasted that long in a tough, burn-em-out/use-em-up profession.

    She will be missed by the sport.

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    Good luck to Summitt with her battle.

    I know its a different landscape all together, but maybe K can catch her in wins if he is around another 6-7 years...

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    Men's or women's D1, she's the greatest in terms of wins. She's beloved here in TN. Note, too - the Women's BB Hall of Fame is in Knoxville. I took my son there - it's worth a visit if you're a basketball fan (which, by virtue of reading this, you likely are).

    I always marveled at the ferocity of her steely gaze. She could stare down anything into submission. Even Honey Badger would care with such a visual scolding. I'm not sure who I'd least like to cross - Pat Summitt or Bobby Knight.

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    Saw an imitation one of her former players did of her. She narrowed her eyes ... made them steely ... and asked, "Is it that you can't play defense or you don't want to play defense?"

    Always loved her maxim: Offense sells tickets. Defense wins games. Rebounding wins championships.

    Yes ... She will be missed.

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    This woman is a legend. I hate to see her go. She leaves a legacy of excellence in coaching. She had passion that was far too uncommon among coaches. I hate the idea that this is likely concession that the disease is getting the best of this strong woman.

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    props to a living legend....
    "Either they're going down, or we are! Kirk out!"

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