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Thread: A few new words

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    A few new words

    You heard it here first. I'm defining three new words:

    1) Twescalate - to over-hype something or create a controversy by causing a massive tweet / retweet of a piece of information. For examples, see "Gottfried, Mark" and "Ref comment." Also, see "Spike Lee" and "Zimmerman Address" - or "Southern Miss Band"

    2) Twescalation - the act of tweeting with the hope / desire of creating a mountain out of a molehill: See "Bike mom and Burger King Drive Thru"

    3) Tweester - the state of outrage, indignation, disbelief, and generally over the top response of "twitter nation," thereby making it seem that a vast number of ALL Americans feel the same way: See "Health care decision, oscar nominations, wiki leaks, tot mom, etc." Alternate: "Atwitter"

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    "Tweerping" -- Maryland fans using social media after the refs stola another game from them.

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    My favorite new word related to social media is vaguebook (v), often seen in its participial form vaguebooking: to complain in a status about how an unspecified party has wronged you, with the aim of garnering sympathy from friends who always take your side.

    Often goes something like this:

    Some ppl just dont know how to treat a woman. smh!

    </avalanche of sympathetic comments about how she's too good for him>

    A movie is not about what it's about; it's about how it's about it.
    ---Roger Ebert

    Some questions cannot be answered
    Who’s gonna bury who
    We need a love like Johnny, Johnny and June
    ---Over the Rhine

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    Twit: one who cares too much about the twitter.

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    Like I give a tweet about any of this.

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