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    Coach K's Buzzer Beaters on Duke Blue Planet

    A new video on Duke Blue Planet puts together footage of the classic Duke buzzer beaters in the K years, leading up to Austin's shot followed, of course, by Christian Laettner's (which may actually be the most famous shot in college hoops at this point). They did a really nice job with it, showing the shots and then a nice sequence of team, coach, and fan reactions. Great fun to watch.

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    In the words of Chris Farley, "that was AWASOME!!!!!!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldPhiKap View Post
    In the words of Chris Farley, "that was AWASOME!!!!!!"
    Perfect reference--I can hear him now.

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    Additional props for using Skillet's "Hero" for the backgound music. awesome!

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    Supercoolest link ever. Man I LOOOOVE being a Blue Devil, for better or for worse, but better is the best.

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    The best 3 minutes of your day

    A collection of Duke buzzer beaters

    -Jason "I have already watched it 5 times" Evans
    I don't know what you are doing right now, but if you aren't listening to the DBR Podcast, you're doing it wrong.

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    i watched each and every one of those...they are just as thrilling now, as then...
    "Either they're going down, or we are! Kirk out!"

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    Missing: Gerald henderson's length-of-court drive and lay-in against Belmont. Not technically a buzzer beater, but neither was the gone in 54 seconds game

    Loved the reaction on the Price game winner. One of the most exciting moments of that season

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    We are fortunate and blessed

    My entire family is Carolina, and I am sure that the heels have their own version of this.

    But it is NOT as special. We are blessed to have kept the same coach, in an era where so many chase the dollar and the better deal, through 30+ years of expansion and changes. A coach who keeps producing men who make miracle after miracle. I'm 33 years old, and I wasn't conscious of b-ball until around the Laettner era, because I was old enough then to decide I was going to pull for Duke. I love our team, and despite my doom-saying from time to time, I will be buried in a royal blue coffin.

    We are as lucky as we can hope to be, that our fan base produces videos, on a pro level like that one, that we can enjoy, save, and link to and watch any time we want.

    My one question is... Does the missed Butler shot count as one of these? Because my heart still stops two years later.

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    Does anyone know ?

    This is a link from Duke Blue Planet, that I'm sure everyone has seen!

    It's still really cool and well done!

    At the very end when they come back in the locker room, K points to the dry erase board and
    Just merely points to the word on it, it was "courage". I'm thinking that it was put there at halftime
    After nc got the momentum finishing the 1st half!

    Does anyone have some detail on that?
    Let's go DUKE !!!

    "Grayson's WINNING"!!!
    The halftime "crazies" chant
    Grayson 19 WF 15
    Duke vs Wake Forest, 3/04/15 at CIS
    A glimpse of things to come!!

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    schedule is a unc degree!

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