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    MBB: Ohio State 85, Duke 63 Post Game Thread

    Discuss the game here but keep it civil. We were beaten by a very talented team.
    Bob Green

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    Here's to NEVER forgetting tonight.

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    what happened? I blacked out.

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    We got beaten badly, but I honestly can deal with these early-season "teachable" losses. Better now than in March.

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    What is there to say? Total beat-down by a really good team. I am not sure there's a whole lot of "X's and O's" stuff to say, I'm more concerned about attitude and mental toughness - that's what I think this game really exposed.

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    Let's talk positives

    Close second half. No 40 point loss.
    Austin and Mason playing better and gaining confidence.
    Learning experience for the defense. We need to get even better.

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    Hats off to OSU for a great game. No melt down here (that goes for everybody!). We lost to a good team playing at home. Next play.

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    Well, we held them under 40 in the second half.

    Overall, I'll take Mason's significant improvement as a positive with a game like this. He should some good moves, and I look forward to him becoming even more of an offensive force as the season moves forward.
    Austin played well overall, but of course had some freshman mistakes. Sometimes he tried to do too much, but had some wonderful moves as well.

    Tough night for a lot of guys. Glad this was in November and not March/April!

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    We're not in (playing) Kansas anymore.

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    Cut talks a lot about the football team "competing". We didn't tonight, pretty plain and simple. A step and a second slow on every play. 50/50 balls went 100% to OSU. We got beat back on our heels and never settled down and played confidently with purpose.

    I will say that Gbinije was the exception to this. He came in and played strong, aggressive basketball, shutting down Buford (save for that ridiculous last 3) and getting his hands on a lot of balls.

    Rivers and Mason also were great tonight. Given that they are considered our two biggest question marks that could eventually propel us to the next level, that's not insignificant.

    As I've said a few times before, I think Rivers needs to take over a significant portion of the ballhandling duties, which would help Curry and others. But I'm too deflated to argue that very much right now...

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    Who cares. It's November. We came in as a dog on the road, and got beat worse than expected. Meh.

    Phone me when a regular season loss keeps us out of the NCAAT or is against Carolina. This was no fun, but it's of little consequence.

    A movie is not about what it's about; it's about how it's about it.
    ---Roger Ebert

    Some questions cannot be answered
    Who’s gonna bury who
    We need a love like Johnny, Johnny and June
    ---Over the Rhine

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    Reminded me eerily of G-Town 2010 and Arizona back in March. Maybe we got our embarrassing loss out of the way in November this year.

    Out played, out shot, our hustled, our defended... Can't say enough.

    Also, please, anyone who says we were "tired" - please elaborate. I think six days of rest for a bunch of 18 and 19 year old kids should be more than sufficient. They just looked thoroughly defeated.

    Congrats OSU - I sincerely hope we meet you come March. I'd love to see Sullinger without that smarmy smile.

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    Good tough game from mason... 12 offensive post scoring attempts by my count.

    0 from miles or kelly.

    The sun rises tomorrow, good night.

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    We got outclassed in a way that really hurts to admit, but here's to growing. This team has a lot of potential, but I am not sure we can catch up with Ohio State this season. Tonight may be an outlier for both teams, but they were in another league in this game (they were on fire and we seemed dead from the start; evident by starting 0-9). They earned the win and we earned the loss. I respected them coming in, but I was hoping it would just be a close battle. What really sucks that we have played the hard part of our schedule (until February), because now we have to rely on others losing to move back up to where we were. Rankings may mean nothing, but they sure help keep loudmouths from the other shade of blue away.

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    Didn't even watch after down by double digits. Felt like Arizona game. OSU could do nothing wrong. Next play.

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    Definitely have some shortcomings . . .

    Man, that was ugly. I was pleased with Mason's play, but their guards really took it to Dawkins and Curry. We had that brief spell where we had help defense contain them, then they spread the court more effectively and we just couldn't cope. I don't want to think anymore.

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    A Worry

    Our defense against opponents with talented guys in the 6'6"-6'9" range might be an issue with this team. I hope that Mike and Alex can get into the rotation to see what they can do, especially defensively. Ryan is just not able to match up against these 'athletic' guys and it showed tonight.

    We need to learn from this and move on. Congratulations to OSU who deserved this victory.

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    Rivers and MP2 played hard tonight. Kelly, Curry, Dawkins were largely no shows and deservedly went to the pine in the 2nd half. I thought Silent G, Cook and Hairston all played pretty well so that was nice to see.

    Another + there was no silly court storming. I cannot remember the last road L where it didn't end with a court storming.

    I just don't think our starting perimeter (Curry, Rivers, Dawkins) are quick enough on the defensive end to extend the pressure as guards are killing us with the drive all year long. Perhaps time to consider a more "contain" style defense circa 2010?

    A much needed week "break" to regroup and perhaps tinker a bit with the squad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by throatybeard View Post
    Who cares. It's November. We came in as a dog on the road, and got beat worse than expected. Meh.

    Phone me when a regular season loss keeps us out of the NCAAT or is against Carolina. This was no fun, but it's of little consequence.
    I think "who cares" is probably a bit much. I'm sure Coach K cares that we got blown out. I'm sure he's also ready to move on to the next play. In the long run, no, this loss doesn't really mean much, but anyone who is a true competitor doesn't like getting blown out like that.
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    I knew it was going to be tough to come out with a win, but man, that was a disappointing performance. Andre, Seth, and Ryan really phoned it in, and really didn't play up to our usual standard on defense. This was the first game all year where it seemed as if the other team played every play harder than we did. I'll give them credit for that, but I'm extremely disappointed in our lack of effort. I would have been fine with a loss if we left it all out there and got beaten by a better team, but that's not what happened.

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