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    The Ohio State University gets old Chancellor back

    Current Vanderbilt Chancellor, Gordon Gee, is leaving for a state slightly to the north, to return to his former role as Chancellor of The Ohio State University.

    I'm bummed, he did some great things for Vandy. But, he had his share of headaches, including a scandal involving his wife and her pot-smoking in their University-owned house.

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    Goodbye bow tie

    As a Vandy alumnus, this has also bummed me out. Gee brought a lot of life back into the university that been missing under the Joe B years. He was a fixture on campus, you could always find him walking around talking to students even at fraternity parties. He also brought a lot of support for athletics that was sorely lacking. Athletics at Vandy are seeing a renaissance as a result (baseball ranked #1, football beating UT, mens + womens basketball saw success in the tourney, tennis, golf, etc). Gee's energy and support will be missed dearly.

    However, Gee departure is not completely amicable. He came to Vanderbilt with a long term vision and while he has started the University down the path, he hasn't finished anything. Residential colleges are just getting started and need good leadership to be successful. His reforms against the NCAA that he began at Vandy now seem rather hollow as he's moving to a school with one of the largest athletic departments. Is he going to can the AD at OSU? I think the alumni would have him run out of town.

    Go Dores. Shreveport or Bust.

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