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Thread: Pirates 4

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    Pirates 4

    So, what do folks think?

    I wrote about the boxoffice prospects of it for the WSJ today.

    A $100 million weekend is almost a given. The real question is whether “Pirates” Four can come close to the $114 million that “Pirates” Three made its opening weekend or even the $135 million that “Pirates” Two pulled in.
    My bet is that it makes more like $105 mil. The reviews all say lots of action and no story. It will drop off pretty sharply next week, but should still find its way to at least $250 mil in total boxoffice.

    -Jason "anyone who sees it, let me know what you think" Evans
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    Saw it. Saw it after reading terrible reviews. Saw it with extremely diminished expectations...and....actually liked it. More than 3. About the same as 2. It's a fun summer movie. You get what you pay for. Each time I thought it might slip into being kept my attention, and kept me paying attention. Yeah, the story is a bit weak, and there are parts that don't make sense...but overall I enjoyed it. Would certainly recommend it to others.

    That said - Bridesmaids is better. Thus far my rankings would be

    1. Bridesmaids
    2. Pirates
    a distant 3. Thor

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    I agree. POTC4 had received several mediocre reviews, so I wasn't expecting a whole lot, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was better than 3. I also liked that it didn't rely on all of the special effects. If you like Johnny Depp's Capt Jack Sparrow, then you should really like this one since he seems to have more screen time than previous ones. Did miss some of the old characters from the prior movies.
    Tom Mac

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