Ok, so many of us noticed that Ben Patrick went in the 7th round to Arizona, that he signed a 3 year deal. Ben had a productive 5th year at Delaware, played in post season all star games. However, before the draft, he had been predicted by some to go much higher.

Train, Watzone, Would Patrick have been better off staying at Duke for his 4th year of eligibility? Ben worried that Duke would not utilize his talents. But, what kind of coach would not want Patrick in there? What if, certainly, however, Duke might have won a game in 2006 with Patrick.

I suppose the Duke FB staff might argue that it was not apparent to them that Patrick would help the team with enough certainty to warrant amending the playbook to afford Ben more PT.

What was the disconnect here? And, did Duke do everthing "smart" coaches would have done under the circumstances to keep Ben (and others for that matter) from transferring?