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    Unknown, the movie. (no spoilers)

    This afternoon, I saw Unknown, the lost identity thriller starring Liam Neeson. It is a bit tricky, because the story follows the protagonist, Neeson, in the manner of the unreliable narrator sometimes seen in novels. Who is Neesonís character, Martin Harris, and why are there two of them? And married to the same woman?

    Without getting into any spoilers, though it is hard not to, this film brings back memories of cold war spy thrillersóa Len Deighton-type novel-film (think Ipcress File or similar) which misleads the characters and the audience. Yet it takes place now, in the 2010s, not 1960. It is film noir in a way, but without the cinematography of a film noir. Itís in color, not black and white, but it is Berlin in the winter.

    At the same time, the filmís storyline requires a leap of faith in Neesonís ability to perform as he did. Though a botanist, he seems to have driving skills way beyond the expected, indeed he may not know he has them. Same with tradecraft. How can he disappear so easily? Handle codes? This is the Neeson of 2008ís Taken. If you liked that, you will like this.

    The premise, as anyone who has seen the trailer knows, is that while visiting Berlin for a conference, he suffers an auto accident leading to a coma. When he awakens he discovers someone else has his identity. And for unknown reasons he finds himself the target of assassins.

    I liked it as a thriller and in that sense it is worth the admission price for the entertainment. His co-star, Gina (Diane Kruger) is fun, but not quite believable. Like him, she is too amazing for her character, taxi driver/barrista/illegal immigrant from Croatia (or someplace like that). Still, I found her fun to watch. Other supporting character actors are Frank Langella and Bruno Ganz, both from the Cold War Past. Finally, Neesonís wife Elizabeth (January Jones) is a slick sleight of hand operator who isnít what she seems.

    All in all, a good Sunday matinee.

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    Ditto. I saw Unknown a couple weekends ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was sucked into the plot and was surprised at the ending. Highly recommended.
    Tom Mac

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