Sorry for being a day late with these. Your efficiency rankings for this week are below (for an explanation of these numbers, see the explanation HERE):

We're at the end of the ACC season this week. Each team has played 14 games - 7 at home and 7 on the road. Admittedly, each team hasn't played the exact same opponents, but the numbers give a good picture of the ACC that won't be changed much by the results this week except on the margins.

As it is it seems clear that the top 3 teams are Duke, UNC, and Virginia Tech. VT strikes me as a team that will make the tourney but be under-seeded there, so keep that in mind.

Clemson is the next best team, or so these rankings would have you believe, but they need to win on Wednesday to have a shot. Clemson in all reality is this year's VT - that team that's probably good enough in conference to deserve a tourney spot...but didn't play (or beat) anyone non-conference (In fact, 2010 VT's Pomeroy ranking is basically identical to Clemson's this year, 36 compared to 37).

FSU is really overrated; even when they had Singleton they didn't have the offense to be in the top tier, and without him....yikes.

Meanwhile, the non-Wake bottom of the ACC is bad...but it's horribleness is a bit exaggerated. Wake on the other hand is just on another planet. How on earth did they win a game?

Home-Away Splits:

Well, if Wake's going to win again, the GT game is a prime opportunity. GT's efficiency margin on the road is worse than Wake's at home...meaning the two teams are probably evenly matched. Go Wake, I feel bad for them at this point.

Duke's best at Home and on the Road, yet again, but UNC is very good at home (better than Duke on the road, though worse than VT at home), so obviously that's a huge danger game.

One week to go.