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    ACC Efficiency Rankings (Week 6) - State's not #11!

    Your efficiency rankings for this week are below (for an explanation of these numbers, see the explanation HERE):

    Some Thoughts:
    1. NC State and VaTech both use blowouts to jump up a spot: NC State jumped Virginia by slamming Wake. I actually don't feel too badly about this large effect on my numbers, given that it was AT Wake and Virginia actually LOST to Wake earlier (so they can't complain). VaTech's jump over UNC by blowing out GT just seems a bit off, but it shouldn't last long as UNC gets to play Wake this week.

    2. Duke's still a clear #1 - Duke is no longer #1 in both Offense and Defense, as while the offense remains tops in the league, the D has fallen to #2 behind FSU. Of course, without Chris Singleton on FSU, that might not remain for long. Duke faces the #10 and #11 offenses this week, so Duke SHOULD put up some awesome defensive numbers, resulting in a big defensive increase.

    3. If BC makes the tournament, don't expect them to get out of the first round: By beating Maryland, BC has been talked about as being on the in-side of the Tournament bubble. Despite this, they're being outscored in ACC play right now, showing this is in large bit, a fluke. Having the #3 Offense in the ACC is nice...but it doesn't counter the fact that they have the 2nd worst D in the ACC. They can't stop anyone.

    4. By Contrast, if Clemson makes the Tourney, a first round win is quite possible: Yeah, Clemson lost a key game against UNC, putting their bubble hopes probably in doubt. And the tourney isn't played in Littlejohn. But the tourney isn't played on the road either, and these are pretty good numbers. Of course, they probably aren't in right now according to bracketoligists.

    Finally, once again, the Home/Away numbers of the ACC:

    EDIT: I may stop doing these since Pomeroy now puts conference only numbers on the page of each team. Go to a team's page and click on a check box marked conference only to see a team's conference only stats. If you guys want me to continue anyhow, let me know.
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    Thanks for doing this! Thought I'd make mention that KenPom now has an option on each team page to look at conference-only numbers, in case you'd like to use that as a reference for the efficiency and tempo numbers. **Just saw your edit- I'd still love to see the margins lined up against one another, and I especially like seeing the home/road splits. But I also don't mind checking for myself.

    As for the numbers themselves, I REALLY hope Clemson somehow sneaks into the tourney in place of BC. Obviously the resume needs some work, but I think these #s make it obvious that Clemson is a better team, and also trending upwards- I think they'd represent the ACC well in the tourney, especially relative to BC.

    I also think GT's efficiency margins are a bit misleading, as they only have 3 wins- but each win was a home court blowout. They should take a hit this week as they have to come to Cameron.

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    @ Blacksburg is shaping up to be a really good matchup. I cant wait to see how we contain Delaney and attack Jeff Allen.

    I'm also feeling bad for Chris Singleton. He was playing pretty well and FSU is clearly #3 in the conference.

    Oh yeah, thanks for your weekly updates!

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