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    Angry NCAA rule for review of fighting

    See my post in the other thread on the rules:

    But according to the NCAA rulebook (Rule 10, Sec 19, Art 8), the league may not review a referee's decision to rule fighting and they may not lessen the penalty.

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    This was not moved, and I think wisely, because this is a different topic. Is this really true that Duke can't appeal a referee's decision? What is the procedure for appealing? I couldn't believe they ejected him and made it a suspendable offense because, I think, Duke has the burden now to show it wasn't suspendable.

    The refs, at the most, should have called an intentional/T. K would have still pulled Hendu, and the game would have ended. If the suspense was suspendable, the ACC could take care of it like what the Big XII did with Boggans at OSU last week. If the refs, by calling it fighting, have taken away any avenue for Duke to appeal, well then this just SUCKS.
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