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    Q&A w/ Julian King of Duke Basketball Report

    Thought you might be interested in my Duke Q&A w/ Julian King.


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    I enjoyed, and agree with, Julian's answers to the questions. Anyone who reads DBR Forums knows I am a big fan of Miles Plumlee and Andre Dawkins so you all will not be surprised when I state my favorite answers were Julian calling Miles our best interior defender and saying Andre looks like a NBA player.
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    Great observations

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Stoner View Post
    Thought you might be interested in my Duke Q&A w/ Julian King.

    from Julian regarding Duke's players and the game itself. Some of Julian's observations:
    1. Seth is making his niche as a defender and Julian says he feels Seth is putting pressure on himself. I agree with both these statements. Seth has been playing outstanding defense. However in the UAB game he lost his man a few times. And I think we will see Seth improve on offense when he quits putting so much pressure on himself. Just play the game and have fun.
    2. Andre is tougher than last year, better defender and looks like an NBA player now. I agree on all fronts. I believe needs to improve his ball handling when being pressured. Nothing wrong with his handle in driving the ball to the hoop.
    3. Kyle is one of Duke's best defenders, tireless and is very good. I agree with Julian and will add he is one of Duke's best ever.
    4. Nolan is as good as anyone right now and is playing like Johnny Dawkins. I know this is high praise, but it's true as far as I'm concerned. Nolan is scoring, assisting, defending, rebounding and being a great teammate. All things Johnny D did. A great break down on Duke's players. Go Duke!

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    Checking out the kenpom page linked in the article, I see that Andre's o-rating is beyond awesome. We have been seeing him shooting the lights out, but the fact that he's ranked 2nd in the nation in offensive efficiency is a little unexpected. It also reminded me of how quietly efficient Jon was last year to rank 17th in the same category despite the burden of being our primary ball-handler.

    Also, seeing Andre add to his skill set from last year, I get this feeling that some of that is Nolan's influence. We all know that Nolan's been working hard on his game. It cannot hurt for Andre to be around that kind of influence all the time.

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