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    Kentucky on top again

    The greatest day in Kentucky basketball will be when Coach Cal is sitting in the green room for the 2011 NBA draft at the table of Enes Kanter and he gets drafted number one overall. Coach Cal will take all the credit for his development over the past year.

    Congrats Kentucky Basketball on a new high for your program.

    Duke will just have to settle for a 5th National Championship and Nolan and Kyle going in the top twenty selected and Kyrie staying for his sophomore year.

    Just another down year for the Duke program.
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    the benefits of Kanter

    Quote Originally Posted by Duvall View Post
    No - Kanter cannot practice, travel or play with the team, but he can perform "limited coaching duties" and receive his scholarship to continue his studies.
    Spot on, Duvall. Although his role going forward will be limited, UK has already gained an advantage from Kanter's presence.

    The real advantage for UK is two-fold.

    The Kanter debate has moved the focus of the media off his star freshman for the entire pre-conference schedule. This allows guys like Lamb, and Knight to acclimate to the speed of the college game with a little less of the UK media microscope.

    As Duvall has mentioned, Enes is not allowed to practice with the team as a player; however, Kanter was permitted to practice before their pre-season trip to Canada and again after UK filed each of their appeals. Additionally, sporting news is reporting that

    "A source has told SN that the plan is to use Kanter as a student assistant coach, which would allow him to be used as a practice player as well as perform limited coaching duties. This would give him an opportunity to prepare physically for the 2011 NBA draft."
    It is no coincidence that during the last two months Josh Harrellson has developed into a significant contributor. Last year he put up 14 DNP's(coaches decision) while registering 1.4 pts/1.3 rbs in junk time. Now he is playing major minutes. Without Josh’s 23 points and 14 rebounds against Louisville last week, UK loses. Harrellson’s growth looks to be as huge an impact to the current UK team as Zoubek’s contributions to last year’s Duke team. You can pin Josh’s in game maturity to the experience he is getting by playing a European pro daily in practice.

    John Calipari knew the chances of getting any real game minutes from Enes Kanter were highly unlikely. However, the benefits to the current team have been well worth the effort. Even if you think Calipari is a complete slime ball, you have to tip your hat to the way he has managed to game the system for his benefit. He is a master of bending the rules without suffering any significant personal punishment.
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    Kanter is now 0-1 as an undergraduate student coach. He's got to pick up his game if he's going to catch Coach K!

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    Quote Originally Posted by roywhite View Post
    Not sure what you have in mind here. Okay for players who have been pros overseas to come to the US and play NCAA basketball?
    Why not?

    Different places have different rules. We don't penalize foreign students who come from places with more liberal drinking laws, so long as they respect our system after they arrive. (of course, de facto alcohol enforcement is ludicrously lax anyway...just like NCAA enforcement...)

    It also doesn't help that our basketball regulations are (apparently) much stupider than Turkey's. Let's not forget that we're the ones who fail to offer young people a compelling minor league, preferring to reserve the profits for agents and shoe companies. Is it really so surprising that top flight athletes might prefer to spend their pre-collegiate years elsewhere?

    Placed in that light, I'm not surprised that the NCAA is starting to mete out harsher punishments. They're in the awkward position of trying to protect an "amateur" brand in an increasingly commercialized world. 20 years ago kids who wanted high-level basketball training and exposure had little choice but to accept the NCAA's bargain -- giving up your right to work in exchange for free school. For the majority of kids, this was (and remains!) a favorable tradeoff. But the rise of European club leagues brings new competition to the table. Most young athletes would still be better off under the American system...but not all. So it's only a matter of time before the two worlds collide. The NCAA surely knows this, and will try to extend their strangehold on America's talent base as long as possible.

    Which is fine.

    But let's not pretend they are saints, or arbiters of justice, or anything like that. It's just business. Unfortunately, it's a business that 14-year-olds (Kanter's age when he first turned pro, as best I can tell) are ill prepared to negotiate favorably.
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